Sunday, 2 August 2015

Today a hypothesis kind of thought stroked my mind when I was reading about dark matter. Definitely some astrophysicists might have came out with this thought before. I don't know. But this is what I think what dark matter could be. I am not a physicist, so mine will be just an explanation of the concept through text. 

First of let me give you an introductory text on dark matter.

What Is Dark Matter?

Abell 2744: Pandora's Cluster Revealed
One of the most complicated and dramatic collisions between galaxy clusters ever seen is captured in this new composite image of Abell 2744. The blue shows a map of the total mass concentration (mostly dark matter).
By fitting a theoretical model of the composition of the Universe to the combined set of cosmological observations, scientists have come up with the composition that we described above, ~68% dark energy, ~27% dark matter, ~5% normal matter. What is dark matter?
We are much more certain what dark matter is not than we are what it is. First, it is dark, meaning that it is not in the form of stars and planets that we see. Observations show that there is far too little visible matter in the Universe to make up the 27% required by the observations. Second, it is not in the form of dark clouds of normal matter, matter made up of particles called baryons. We know this because we would be able to detect baryonic clouds by their absorption of radiation passing through them. Third, dark matter is not antimatter, because we do not see the unique gamma rays that are produced when antimatter annihilates with matter. Finally, we can rule out large galaxy-sized black holes on the basis of how many gravitational lenses we see. High concentrations of matter bend light passing near them from objects further away, but we do not see enough lensing events to suggest that such objects to make up the required 25% dark matter contribution.
However, at this point, there are still a few dark matter possibilities that are viable. Baryonic matter could still make up the dark matter if it were all tied up in brown dwarfs or in small, dense chunks of heavy elements. These possibilities are known as massive compact halo objects, or "MACHOs". But the most common view is that dark matter is not baryonic at all, but that it is made up of other, more exotic particles like axions or WIMPS (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles).


Before explaining I would also request you to read about the concept of dimensions and extra dimensions. Few helpful youtube links.

 There are more awesome videos and texts on the net about this. Please get familiarized before reading this, if you are new to the concept of dimensions. But I hope at least after the release of the grandiloquent movie interstellar most of u would have read about the dimensions.Iin that case jump to my explanation directly.


 Consider a sheet of paper. This sheet of paper is a flat land and hypothetically let us consider there exists a 2D creature that lives in this sheet of paper. This creature could move only in 4 directions. Forward,                                                                                                         Backward, Left and Right. 

 Now let us place a paper weight on this sheet. This paper weight will definitely has an effect of gravity that can be felt by the 2D creatures. But these 2D creatures can never visualize or realize that it is because of the paper weight. According to them there is a matter that exhibits a gravitational force in their 2D world. To  realize that they have to move 3 dimensionally. That is to move up and down, but it is impossible for a 2D creature to move 3dimensionally.  

Similarly, consider an object from higher dimensions in our 3D world. This object will have its gravitational effect in our world, but we can't realize or visualize (that is we cant see) what it is. My theory is why can't these dark matter could be an objects from an higher dimension. This dimensions can be 4th, 5th, ..... anything as of theoretically there are 11 dimensions. We can obviously feel the gravitational force yet we are unable to identify it. To do that we need to move in an extra dimension which is impossible for a 3D creature like us. Hence, I say that Dark Matter could be an higher dimensional object that exhibits its gravitational force in this 3D world of our universe.

To help imagining I am hyperlinking an animated video by Rick T.

But unlike in this video, the dark matter may not intersect with this 3D world, yet it can have its effect.