Monday, 20 July 2015


In the year, 1915 Einstein came out with the idea of space-time relativity and shook the world of physics taking it to a greater height.

But what would u say/how would u react if I tell u that the concept existed much much earlier.!!

Yes, the concept of time dilation, time travel, space time relation existed much before the present era of modern science.

A story from the epic "Mahabarat/Mahabaratham" had this concept.
The story might be true or might be not, but its a clear proof that the idea existed around third century BC.

There was king called Kakudmi.He had very beautiful daughter Revati and no bridegroom could match to her beauty. So king Kakudmi and revati went to brahmalok (probably a space time travel). Brahma at that time was listening to songs with Gandarvas (dancers and singers).So they had to wait for sometime. When they met Brahma, they were told that now many "yugas" (1000's of years) have passed and Balram (brother of lord krishna) had born and he is the one who is for Revati.  

So logically Revati is much older than Balram, but practically she isn't. Isn't this similar to the "Twin paradox".

This doesn't end here. 

Coming back to science, another predominant fact is that time isn't independent, it depends upon two factors that is sapce and gravity.With this point it can be said that time at one place is not the same as time at another place talking extragalactically. 

It is believed in hinduism that "Tri-moorty" (Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma) has a different measure of time to that of us. 
One day for them is like 1000's of years for human beings. 

Theism is entirely different (I'm definitely not theistic) but how could these people even had such a thought when science was even an unimaginable concept. Or is it science told in a different way. Who knows?!   

Catch u soon with another interesting post.

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